Delta 500

The Cannabis Cup winner. A smooth blend of power and taste.

For those who prefer to adjust their experience, Delta 500 delivers premium grade cannabis perfect for greater balance and control. All flavorings are FDA approved and laboratory tested for purity.

  • Potent full gram cartridges
  • Long-lasting and discreet
  • Available in seven delicious fruit and natural flavors
  • Indica and Sativa are 100% cannabis oil, perfect for the cannabis purist

100% Natural Sativa
Perfect for active lifestyles and daytime vaping.

100% Natural Indica
Made from pure purple Indica for a relaxed full body effect.

Fruit Punch
Ripe pineapple and sweet strawberries mingle in perfect bliss.

Enjoy the fragrant afterglow of ruby red strawberries fresh from the farm.

Naturally ripe and delicious to give your taste buds an extra treat.

Tropical pleasure awaits, courtesy of a luscious sharp, sweet twist.

Winter Fresh
An icy blast of gentle spearmint to keep you cool and refreshed.

Delta 600

Raise your expectations. And your pleasure.

With premium grade cannabis in every cartridge, Delta 600 is an ideal choice for those who want to elevate their pleasure in fewer puffs. All flavorings are FDA approved and laboratory tested for purity.

  • Solvent-free natural CO2
  • Full gram cartridges
  • Available in Monkey Berry and 100% Cannabis Oil Hybrid

Monkey Berry
A sensational blend of fresh strawberry and banana as smooth as a chilled fruit smoothie.

An intoxicating mix of our finest natural Sativa and Indica strains, bursting with taste.