Join us in taking the cannabis movement forward.

The story of Delta 9 goes back to the start of the medicinal marijuana revolution. For over 15 years, our team has closely worked with government bodies, medical experts and law officials on common sense reform. What drives us isn’t just a strong belief in personal choice, but ensuring that everyone has access to the highest quality cannabis products.

Delta 9 lives up to those values with every product we create. This is the pledge that our team of PhD scientists, flavor engineers, and cannabis advocates makes to you.

  • Combine cutting edge technology with the purest solvent-free oil
  • Always employ our safe, natural CO2 process
  • Never use butane – no matter what the cost
  • Exceed the highest regulatory standards
  • Test every product at leading laboratories
  • Stand behind every Delta 9 product with a money-back guarantee

By enjoying Delta 9, you’re also assisting us with ongoing advocacy efforts. A percentage of every sale goes to support quality advocacy causes across the country.

Medical Benefits

An ever increasing range of patients are given assistance and comfort through the use of marijuana products. From providing an alternative to opioids and managing the symptoms of cancer therapies, to aiding gastrointestinal issues and relaxing muscle tension, science continues to discover important benefits. Below are a few helpful resources to learn more:

If you smoke marijuana, switching to Delta 9 can greatly reduce the risks of cancer, heart and lung disease. Unlike smoking, our products contain no carbon monoxide or harmful tars. It’s a safer alternative that also tastes great and is less intrusive to others.