Delta Max

One puff is all you need.

The strongest solvent-free natural CO2 cartridge you can buy. Exclusively combined with our most advanced vape to give you the most potent single puff ever. With its scientific perfection and purest premium grade cannabis, Delta Max will take your experience to new heights.

Max Cartridge

  • Highest potency
  • Largest puff
  • 3x the volume of competitors
  • Guaranteed quality

Max Vape

  • Revolutionary pre-heating function increases flow
  • Rapid charger delivers 100% power in one hour
  • Ultra sleek compact design
  • Includes a custom carrying case
  • Lifetime quality guarantee

Delta Vape

Engineered for the perfect high.

Make a statement of sophistication and elegance. Precision laser cut stainless steel on the outside.  Advanced dual coil technology on the inside for consistently smooth draw and flavor delivery. Refill in seconds with disposable cartridges. Yours with a lifetime guarantee on all components.

  • 100% solvent-free CO2 extracted oil
  • Scientifically accurate viscosity for max flow
  • Precision ceramic heat control
  • Laser cut stainless steel casing
  • Lifetime quality guarantee